Native Universe

Voices of Indian America

Publisher: National Geographic
This gorgeous volume draws from the vast archives of the National Museum of the American Indian and the voices of some of the most prominent Native American scholars, writers, activists and tribal leaders. More than 300 full-color illustrations depict the artistry and culture of our hemisphere’s diverse indigenous peoples. With its insightful, firsthand prose, the book is a reminder that the ancient philosophies and folkways are just as valuable and relevant in today’s world as they were generations ago.


"It’s cause for celebration when a country known for doing wrong to its indigenous peoples does something right...objects of great beauty from the museum are mixed with historic prints and scenes from modern Indian culture. Most important, the book retells American history from the perspective of those who were here first." —TheWashington Post

"This book is a tribute to the long overdue acknowledgment of our rightful place in the Western Hemisphere." —Winds of Change

"A fascinating overview of Native American history and traditions...packed with stunning pictures..." —Bookpage

"Prodigious in scope and intimate in detail, this book, like the museum it celebrates, is a landmark." —Booklist

"An expressive, informative, and beautifully designed book...."—.Indian Country Today