Just Some Stuff I Wrote

Publisher: Seal Books
The award-winning author of Stones and Zack brings us a collection of original stories that will captivate teens as completely as his bestselling novels.

With these eight absorbing tales, acclaimed storyteller William Bell explores the highs and lows of characters struggling to belong.

In “Chumley,” a high school boy’s comical eccentricities mask his true, more complicated self.

Fourteen-year-old Albert’s sudden sense of shame at the grandfather he adores leads to a surprising realization in “Beer Can Man.”

In “The Staircase,” the aftermath of a horrible incident exposes an ugly reality at the heart of a high school.

In “Window Tree,” a girl grapples with her shattered expectations over a crush she felt certain was requited.

Bell’s protagonists are individuals and outsiders, often on the margin of their peers or their family. Finding their own place in the world takes them on journeys that are by turns funny, fantastical, and moving.

These perceptive, empathetic, and engaging stories show again why William Bell commands such a loyal readership among young adults, teachers, and parents.

From the Trade Paperback edition.


the “scream” school of parenting

I’m thinking of starting a Losers’ Club at our school. I’ll be president, secretary and membership coordinator, all wrapped up in one. I’ll let in gangly, zit-speckled boys whose legs and arms have grown faster than their bodies (not to...
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“It's a difficult matter to hit the right tone in YA writing - can you reflect the reality of the teenage world without condescension? Can you capture their fickle hearts? Will they pass the book from hand to hand saying, "You have to read this!"? In the case of Just Some Stuff I Wrote, the answers are yes, yes and yes.”

From the Trade Paperback edition.