The Daydreamer

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
A classic from one of our greatest storytellers underlines Doubleday Canada’s commitment to YA fiction, in a handsome new edition that will appeal to young readers of all ages.

In these seven exquisite, interlinked episodes, grown-up Peter Fortune reveals the secret journeys, metamorphoses, and adventures of his childhood.

Living somewhere between dream and reality, Peter experiences fantastical transformations: he swaps bodies with the family cat and a cranky infant, battles a very bad doll who comes to life to seek revenge, and discovers in a kitchen drawer some vanishing cream that actually makes people vanish. In the final story, he wakes up as an eleven-year-old inside a grown-up’s body, and embarks on the truly fantastic adventure of falling in love. Moving, dreamlike, and extraordinary, The Daydreamer is a celebration of imagination and fantasy.


Introducing Peter

When Peter Fortune was ten years old grown-up people sometimes used to tell him he was a “difficult” child. He never understood what they meant. He didn’t feel difficult at all. He didn’t throw milk bottles at the garden wall, or tip tomato ketchup over his head and...
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“Imaginative and sparkling, not a page should be missed.”
San Diego Union-Tribune

“As far-fetched and funny as anything by Roald Dahl.”

“Brilliant... the quality of imagination at play here is something special.”
The Times Educational Supplement (UK)

"A shivery, prickly joy"
The Globe and Mail

"A classic."
The Financial Post

"Mr. McEwan at his best."
—-The New York Times Book Review