Black Dogs

Publisher: Vintage Canada
Set in late 1980s Europe at the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Black Dogs is the intimate story of the crumbling of Bernard and June Tremaine’s marriage, as witnessed by their son-in-law, Jeremy, who seeks to comprehend how their deep love could be defeated by ideological differences that seem irreconcilable. In writing June’s memoirs, Jeremy is led back to a moment, that was, for June, as devastating and irreversible in its consequences as the changes sweeping Europe in Jeremy’s own time. Ian McEwan weaves the sinister reality of civilization’s darkest moods — its black dogs — with the tensions that both create love and destroy it.


When you read Ian McEwan's most recent novel, Amsterdam, you'll understand why it won the Booker Prize. When you read his earlier works, you'll wonder why he didn't win it sooner.

The four McEwan novels—Booker Prize-winning Amsterdam, Enduring Love, Black Dogs, and The Innocent...
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Praise for Black Dogs:
“A terrifyingly beautiful political allegory in the form of a sublimely readable novel.”
Ottawa Citizen

Black Dogs claws at us with images and phrases that seize the eye and mind … [it] continues [McEwan’s] career trajectory from young purveyor of psychological shock to adroit painter of political and moral grimness.”
Philadelphia Inquirer

“Masterful and moving.… It is a story of the fragile nobility of the human spirit in the face of the irrational, the terrible and the miraculous.”
The Washington Post

“McEwan has constructed an intricate puzzle, piecing together the need for both social action and spiritual contemplation, and passions of lovers and misunderstandings of families … Beautifully written and absorbing … a wonderful novel.”
Los Angeles Reader