The 44 Scotland Street Series

The World According to Bertie

The New 44 Scotland Street Novel

Publisher: Vintage Canada
The bestselling 44 Scotland Street series continues. Pat is forced to deal with the reappearance of Bruce, Angus Lordie’s dog, Cyril, has been taken away by the authorities, Big Lou is still looking for love and Bertie, the beleaguered Italian-speaking prodigy and saxophonist, now has a little brother, Ulysses, who he can only hope will distract his mother, Irene. Beautifully observed, cleverly detailed, and complete with illustrations by Iain McIntosh, this is classic McCall Smith and a treat for his avid fans as well as his first time readers.


Chapter 1.

In Hanover Street. Watch Out, Pat, Bruce Is Back . . . Or Is He?

Pat saw Bruce at ten o’clock on a Saturday morning, or at least that is when she thought she saw him. An element of doubt there certainly was. This centred not on the time of the sighting, but on the identity of the...
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“McCall Smith delivers yet another delightful installment to his Scotland Street series.... Subplots abound, and McCall Smith details with dependable whimsical flair the romantic progress of Scotland Street familiars Matthew, Pat and Bruce. Series fans know what to expect, and they get it by the truckload.” Publishers Weekly
“McCall Smith’s confident brush picks out vivid and entertaining characters.... A deliciously engaging Edinburgh comedy.” Financial Times