La’s Orchestra Saves the World

Publisher: Vintage Canada
La's Orchestra Saves the World is another delightful story celebrating friendship and the healing power of music, told with the warmth and charm we've come to love from this favourite storyteller.

It's 1939 and the war in Europe casts a long, all-encompassing shadow. In a sleepy town in Suffolk, La, the generous and determined widow, forms an amateur orchestra to entertain the locals and soothe her own broken heart. She recruits Feliks, a refugee from Poland, to play the flute, and a touching friendship emerges. When the war is over and the orchestra disbands, La is left pondering her next move. What role can she play in her community now that the war is over? And can she let herself love again?

From the Hardcover edition.



Two men, who were brothers, went to Suffolk. One drove the car, an old Bristol drophead coupé in British racing green, while the other navigated, using an out-of-date linen-backed map. That the map was an old one did not matter too much: the roads they were following had been there for a long time...
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1. Who are the two brothers in the beginning of the novel? Why are they visiting La's former house in Suffolk? And why does Alexander McCall Smith commence the novel with them? Why does he purposely make their background vague?

2. Why does La marry Richard? Are they compatible in any way? How does time and place...

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“If McCall Smith didn’t exist, we should have had to invent him. He is that rare creature known as a storyteller.” The Washington Post

“It is a real gem, a lovely story of perseverance, friendship and second chances.” The Gazette

“A gentle and uplifting read.” Daily Mail

“His fictional landscapes are gently scenic, even the urban ones; his characters are never of the kind you would fear to meet at dead of night on a darkened stair.” The Scotsman