The 44 Scotland Street Series

44 Scotland Street

Publisher: Vintage Canada
Bestselling author Alexander McCall Smith brings all the warmth of his extraordinary No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency books and the Sunday Philosophy Club series to this witty novel chronicling the lives of the residents of 44 Scotland Street in Edinburgh. Originally serialized in The Scotsman, 44 Scotland Street is an international sensation.

When twenty-year-old Pat rents a room from handsome and cocky Bruce, she inherits some delightfully colourful neighbours: Domenica, an insightful and eccentric widow; Bertie, a five-year-old who’s mastered both saxophone and Italian; and Irene, his overbearing mother. Pat’s new job at a gallery seems easy enough. Her boss spends most of his time drinking coffee in a local café and discussing matters great and small, and Pat’s duties are light. That is until she realizes that one of their paintings may be an undiscovered work of a renowned Scottish artist and she discovers that one of their customers may be in on the secret. Add to this a fancy ball, love triangles and an encounter with a famous crime writer, and you have Alexander McCall Smith’s entertaining and humorous portrait of Edinburgh society.


1. Stuff Happens

Pat stood before the door at the bottom of the stair, reading the names underneath the buttons. Syme, Macdonald, Pollock, and then the name she was looking for: Anderson. That would be Bruce Anderson, the surveyor, the person to whom she had spoken on the telephone...
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“Though he affectionately mocks the stock characters he has set up, McCall Smith also shows an Austen-like sensitivity to the interactions of daily life. His observations are perceptive without being overbearing. . . . McCall Smith’s prose is smooth, easy and fluid, and though both author and reader view the characters from the distance of humour, they are sensitively drawn, endearing and easy to understand. . . . The plot is filled with suspense. ” The Gazette (Montreal)

“It’s possible the novels of Alexander McCall Smith have been invented as a cunning antidote to the accelerations of modern times. He takes his readers through the literary equivalent of a star gate in to a slower world, where the actions of the inhabitants suit the measured pace of his prose. He makes us wait.” The Globe and Mail