Peter Mansbridge One on One

Favourite Conversations and the Stories Behind Them

Publisher: Vintage Canada
From one of Canada’s most respected and recognizable journalists comes a collection of the best interviews with the leading thinkers and cultural icons of our time, from the country’s most trusted interview show.

An extraordinary selection from Newsworld’s Mansbridge One on One, including politicians, journalists, arts and sports figures and newsmakers behind the biggest issues of the past decade.

Canadians have long relied on award-winning anchor and journalist Peter Mansbridge to inform and enlighten us, whether at the helm of The National or on Mansbridge One on One, his weekly interview show.

In this, his first book, he collects the most illuminating and timely interviews from the past ten years, book-ending each with his behind-the-scenes recollections and anecdotes. Mansbridge acts as our guide as we get the inside story from prominent figures from all walks of life, including world leaders, music legends and sports heroes.

Among the more than 40 interviewees included in the book are:
Bill Clinton
Sidney Crosby
Bill Gates
Diana Krall
Benjamin Netanyahu
Barack Obama
Shimon Peres
Desmond Tutu
Brian Wilson

From the Hardcover edition.


I first met Conrad Black at the wedding of a mutual friend in Toronto. In fact, Black, Mike Duffy and I were three people rolled into one to give a little spine to the man about to end his years of bachelorhood— quite a combination. And who, pray tell, was the lucky groom...
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"Peter Mansbridge reminds readers why he's one of the most respected interviewers in Canada."
Ottawa Citizen

"One on One is a wonderful journey involving key events and key players of the past 10 years. Mansbridge writes with self-deprecating, wry humour."
— The Record

"Captures Mansbridge's knack for informing or enlightening, even as he jousts, or empathizes, with his subjects. On television, he makes it look effortless. The book proves it's anything but."
— Winnipeg Free Press

"His solemn, thoughtful presence has been the unofficial brand of CBC News: The National for 21 years. He's pinned down world leaders on his Newsworld show for a decade.... Mansbridge's offerings are some of the best reading in the book."
— Toronto Star

From the Hardcover edition.