The Man Who Smiled

Publisher: Vintage Canada
In this riveting Henning Mankell thriller, a disillusioned Inspector Kurt Wallander finds himself in a deep personal and professional crisis after killing a man in the line of duty. After almost a year of sick leave, he hits rock bottom and resolves to quit the police force for good. Against his better judgment Wallander stays on the force when unforeseen circumstances compel him to investigate the murder of a friend. While working closely with Ann-Britt Hoglund, the department’s first female detective, he stumbles on a horrific world where human body parts are traded like stock, and just as he comes close to uncovering the truth, the same shadowy threats responsible for the murders close in on Wallander himself.


Chapter 1


A silent, stealthy beast of prey. Even though I have lived all my life in Skåne, where fog is forever closing in and shutting out the world, I'll never get used to it.

9 p.m., October 11, 1993.

Fog came rolling in from the sea. He was driving home to Ystad and had...
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The Man Who Smiled is one of [Mankell’s] best.”
The Times (UK)

“In the masterly manner of P.D. James, Mankell projects his hero’s brooding thoughts onto nature itself.”
The New York Times

“Why is this book so compelling? In a word, the character of Wallander.”
The Philadelphia Inquirer