Into The Looking-Glass Wood

Essays on Words and the World

Publisher: Vintage Canada
By the award-winning author of A History of Reading

"For me, words on a page give the world coherence--Words tell us what we, as a society, believe the world to be--I believe there is an ethic of reading--a commitment that is both political and private in the act of turning the pages. And I believe that sometimes, beyond the author's intentions and beyond the reader's hopes, a book can make us better and wiser."

Through personal stories and literary reflections, in a style rich in humour and gentle erudition, Manguel leads us, the readers, to reflect upon the pleasures and responsibilities of reading, and the links that exist between the world we live in, and the words we live amongst. Into the Looking-Glass Wood is a voyage into the subversive heart of words - a voyage fired by the author's humanity and extraordinary breadth of vision.


"A superb collection-- A fantastic voyage through the world of books-- permeated by [Manguel's] playful wit and love of paradox."  - Germaine Greer

"Splendid [and] eloquently expressed--Manguel's writing at its strongest and most original."  - TLS

"In a modern world that assails all our senses simultaneously, Manguel's writing stands as a cool pool of reflection-- The big themes haunting our century are re-viewed through a literary lens--never academic--rich in anecdotes."  - The Independent