Publisher: Vintage
Pulitzer Prize—winning playwright David Mamet’s Romance is an uproarious, take-no-prisoners courtroom comedy that gleefully lampoons everyone from lawyers and judges, to Arabs and Jews, to gays and chiropractors.
It’s hay fever season, and in a courtroom a judge is popping antihistamines. He listens to the testimony of a Jewish chiropractor, who’s a liar, according to his anti-Semitic defense attorney. The prosecutor, a homosexual, is having a domestic squabble with his lover, who shows up in court in a leopard-print thong. And all the while, a Middle East peace conference is taking place. Masterfully wielding the argot of the courtroom, David Mamet creates a world in microcosm in which shameless fawning, petty prejudices, and sheer caprice hold sway, and the noble apparatus of law and order degenerates into riotous profanity.


Scene One

A courtroom.

The judge is on the bench. The defendant is being interrogated by a prosecutor. The defense attorney sits at the defense bench. A bailiff stands at the side.

prosecutor: Who is this . . . ?

(All turn to sound of siren-as of motorcade passing in the...
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“It made me weep with delight. . . . Romance is funny. Extremely funny.”
–Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal

“A wild ride. . . . An outrageous, hectic comedy composed in the hyperliterate profanity that made him a legend. . . . For fans of Mamet at his most joyfully vicious, it’s everything you ever wanted.” –New York

“An exhilarating spectacle. . . . Inspired folderol. . . . Mamet . . . is a connoisseur of fiasco.” –The New Yorker

“A joy. . . . A fiesta of forbidden laughter. . . . A giddy, glorious, bad-taste valentine. . . . The most skillfully constructed farce since Michael Frayn’s Noises Off.” –Newsday