The Hollow Tree

Publisher: Seal Books
From one of Canada's best loved children's writers comes the enthralling tale of a brave young girl caught up in the American Revolutionary War. It is 1777 and Phoebe Olcott is thrown headlong into the horrors of war when her beloved cousin Gideon is hanged for being a British spy. When she finds a message left by Gideon containing the names of Loyalist families to be protected by the King's army, Phoebe knows she must deliver the message to the general at Fort Ticonderoga. She sets out into the wilderness and soon meets up with Jem, a young Loyalist travelling to the safety of British Canada. As they travel across the country facing rebel guns, wild animals and worse, Phoebe and Jem discover they have a growing attraction for each other. But her own mission cannot be ignored and Phoebe once again finds herself alone, freezing and near death before she is reunited with Jem on the shores of Lake Ontario.


By the River

Throughout all her long life, Phoebe Olcott never forgot a single moment of the last happy afternoon she spent at home by the Connecticut River. It was on a day in May, in the year 1775, and she spent it in her favourite spot on the river bank on the Vermont side.

Phoebe lived with her...
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"Janet Lunn is one of Canada's best writers of [historical fiction for young readers].... This is a gripping adventure story that is steeped in Canadian history." —The London Free Press

"Readers of The Root Cellar and Shadow in Hawthorne Bay will rejoice. This is a contemporary book, yet is also old-fashioned in the very best sense of the term." —The Calgary Herald

"An exciting story, well told, but perhaps its greatest strength is its beautifully realized central character. Phoebe Olcott's journey on foot mirrors an equally momentous personal and spiritual journey, one that maps the develop-ment of a wise, moral child into a brave and entirely admirable young woman." —The Globe and Mail

"Very engaging ... suspenseful ... emotionally compelling.... Janet Lunn again proves herself the best young adult romance writer we've got. If you needed your hankies for Shadow in Hawthorne Bay, get them out again for The Hollow Tree." —Quill & Quire

"Janet Lunn formulates an enthralling tale rich in historical accuracy dealing with emotional bonds and the horrors of the American Revolution." —Kitchener-Waterloo Record, The Year's Best Books for Kids

"From the opening sentence, we are borne into [The Hollow Tree's] world with such assurance that we know at once we are in good hands." —The Ottawa Citizen

"An enthralling novel for young readers.... It is filled with danger and adventure, with a plucky heroine at its centre." —The Halifax Daily News