Knowing the Unknowable God

How Faith Thrives on Divine Mystery

Publisher: WaterBrook
Meet the God Who Is Greater Than Your Biggest Questions.

The Bible never shies away from seeming contradictions. We are told both to resist our enemies and to love them, and that our all-knowing God can sometimes forget. Unable to reconcile such biblical paradoxes, some people abandon Christianity, while others pretend that the seeming contradictions don’t exist–preferring to believe in an uncomplicated, easy-to-comprehend God. Yet countless others are hungry for new insight into the God behind the Bible’s mysterious paradoxes.

Responding to this spiritual hunger, James Lucas delves into the mysteries of Scripture, demonstrating that biblical “contradictions” are actually exquisite paradoxes that enlarge our understanding of God.

With this book as your guide, you can embrace the paradoxes of Scripture and pursue honest answers to your hardest questions. The study of biblical paradox leads to greater devotion to the majestic God who makes himself known even while he surpasses human understanding. Today, you can begin Knowing the Unknowable God.


“Jim Lucas analyzes the mysterious paradoxes of God and shows us how we can trust and believe what God says, even if it seems contradictory. Knowing the Unknowable God challenges Christians to understand, appreciate, and celebrate our holy, mysterious Creator. This book shows how biblical paradoxes strengthen our faith.”
–Dr. Bob and Yvonne Turnbull, conference speakers, co-authors of TeamMates: Building Your Marriage To Complete, Not Compete

“With contagious passion, Jim Lucas leads us on a quest for God that is ruthlessly honest and deeply fulfilling. His thoughtful exploration of the paradoxes of faith will help you hear God’s voice with more clarity than you ever have before.”
–Les Parrott, Ph.D., Seattle Pacific University, co-author of Love the Life You Live

“God invites us to come and reason with Him. In a world of intellectual confusion that presumes the fallacy of faith, Jim Lucas presents God’s self-revelation as it exists in powerful paradox. Pondering this collection of divine portraits, you will appreciate anew the wonder of the Almighty.”
–Bob Shank, founder/CEO, The Master’s Program

“Writing in the language of the layman, Jim Lucas tackles the fascinating paradoxes of our amazing, mysterious, wondrous God, reminding us that with God it’s not a matter of either/or, but a paradox of both/and. I highly recommend stretching your mind and your spirit with Knowing the Unknowable God.”
–Gayle Roper, author of Autumn Dreams, Summer Shadows, and Spring Rain

“Paradox is a necessary expression for anything profound. Knowing the Unknowable God is a necessary expression of the profound.”
–Phil Hotsenpiller, teaching pastor, Jacksonville Chapel, Lincoln Park, New Jersey

“Living in a culture characterized by ten-second sound bites and bumper-sticker philosophies, we often miss the fact that Truth according to the Creator of the universe is much, much bigger. Jim Lucas’s book teaches us how to embrace biblical paradoxes for a deeper, more accurate understanding of a mighty God. Knowing the Unknowable God is insightful and timely.”
–Brett Posten and Robert D. TenEyck, founders of DeoVibe: The Pulse of Popular Culture

“James Lucas carefully studies and explains difficulties in Scripture which thoughtful believers need to understand both for themselves and to be able to help others.”
–Dr. Patrick O. Cate, president of Christar

“Mystery surrounds God, and it should come as no surprise to anyone who reads the Bible attentively to find mystery there wrapped in paradox. Paradox is intrinsic to the Bible because the Bible is of God. God does not speak to us in dumbed-down, obvious truisms, but in Truths which will touch and awaken our imaginations. This book has made me aware of an illuminating principle to which one ought to pay closer attention when reading Scripture.”
–Rev. Dr. John Maxwell Kerr, Oxford University, former warden of the Society of Ordained Scientists