Virgin Sex for Girls

A No-regrets Guide to Safe and Healthy Sex

Publisher: Hatherleigh Press

90% of girls under the age of 16 regret their first sexual experience. Because losing your virginity is a taboo subject in many families and schools, you could be lacking the real sex education and guidance that will help you decide if you are truly physically and emotionally ready–and how to say no if you aren't.

Get the real story on:
* Why some girls have sex, and reasons you might not be ready
* Avoiding situations that could leave you feeling sad, scared, or embarrassed
* Date rape and sexual assault–what it is and how to prevent it
* Sex for the first time–who, what, when, why,
and how
* How to develop a sexual voice to make the best choice for you

Virgin Sex for Girls features more than 40 true stories from teens and adults about their first experiences–the physical, emotional, and social consequences of having (and not having) sex. This girl's guide to safe and healthy sex uncovers the real truths on how to have sex without getting hurt–the first time and every time.

“This is the real talk about sex, beyond the talk from your mom and dad, or the talk your friends gave you. It's the truth from a real, live sex therapist. I wrote this book for YOU.”
–Dr. Darcy

Visit Dr. Darcy online at for her advice blog and free videos of real teens telling real stories–and get answers to your own sex questions, too!


“Once it's gone, you can never get it back....Remember, a few minutes of fun could ruin your whole life.”
–Romeo Miller, star of TV's Romeo!

“A great resource for teens and parents looking to learn from the experiences of others.”
–Michael J. Basso, MPH, CSE, CHES, author of The Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality