Talking Tails

The Incredible Connection Between People and Their Pets

Publisher: Tundra Books
Pets and their owners appear together in a book as heartwarming as it is informative.

From our earliest beginnings, we have shared our lives with animals. Jane Drake and Ann Love explore the ties that humans and their pets have formed. With fun and fascinating facts, they address Dog People and Cat People. (Why does a cat wind around her owner's legs? She's rubbing her owner with glands on her face to say "you're mine.") They also introduce us to more unusual pets. There's Polly the parrot, who lived through the Klondike Gold Rush to be 126 years old by belting back whiskey, swearing, and biting gold miners. And, of course, there are fish and reptiles, rodents and horses, all of whom can be beloved pets. As useful as it is fun, Talking Tails is a must for children who have or want a pet.


"This is a highly relevant topic.... A good choice for science enthusiasts and non-fiction readers, this succinct, lucid text makes global ecology palpable."
Toronto Star

"... A yummy feast.... Sweet! is one tasty treat."
School Library Journal