Requiem for a Glass Heart

Publisher: Bantam

Irina Ismaylova is a sexual assassin, luring men and women to her bed...and their death.  From St. Petersburg to Paris, she kills not for money or for pleasure, but under orders from the Russian mafioso who holds her in thrall.  Desperate to buy back what is left of her shattered life, Irina must carry out
one last mission....

Cate Cuevas is a special agent in Houston's FBI office.  Devastated by her husband's death--and his betrayal--she has plunged into the most dangerous
assignment of her career.  But to succeed, she must form a secret and profoundly intimate alliance with the enemy: Irina Ismaylova.

Two women.  One a cop.  The other a killer.  

For these two there is no right, no wrong, no rules.  

Only the truth...and terror.


It was nearly ten-thirty in the evening when she emerged from deep within the metro station at the Griboedova Canal entrance on Nevsky Prospekt. Normally night would have swallowed the grand Nevsky boulevard at this hour, but it was late June and the White Nights had arrived, a few weeks when the sun never sank more than...
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"Among the best spy thrillers to come along."
--Entertainment Weekly

"David Lindsey's ninth novel moves him...into the top rank of international thriller writers, alongside such giants as John le Carre."
--Houston Chronicle

"Masterful...his finest novel to date."
--Publishers Weekly (starred review)