Never Mind Nirvana

A Novel

Publisher: Villard

"Hip deep in music, Never Mind Nirvana is a telling inside view that perfectly captures the rhythms and sights of late-nineties Seattle."
— Peter Buck, guitarist of R.E.M.

Pete Tyler is at a crossroads. Eight years ago he dropped out of a seminal Seattle grunge band to try his hand at a more grown-up calling. Now he's thirty-six ("almost forty!"), a deputy prosecutor (a suit), still hanging out at the same clubs he played ten years ago (the ones that haven't shut down), and still dating the same kind of girls (except now they tell him how much their older sisters loved his band).

Pete decides it's time to get married—he just doesn't know to whom. Possibilities include Beth, his first love, who has disappeared; Winter, his on-and-off stripper girl-friend, who has been living the grunge life too long; and Esme´, a Sub Pop A&R executive who has some life decisions of her own to make. When a date-rape case lands on his desk—the accused is a local rocker Pete's age, the accuser an eighteen-year-old from the scene—Pete finds his past and present facing him from both sides of the aisle, and he finally has to decide where he stands.

Pete Tyler is a cooler version of Everyguy, and Never Mind Nirvana is a hilarious and unexpectedly moving story of a man with one foot stuck in adolescence and the other planted in adulthood. Richly textured with references to classic rock and the music of Seattle's legendary alternative rock scene, it is also a fascinating, bittersweet riff on a particularly American zeitgeist.


Resurrection Jukebox

Pete Tyler is thirty-six years old. Or, as he has been saying since his birthday last week, almost forty.

He takes off his suit jacket and settles into the hammock with a copy of Richard Ford's The Sportswriter, a Vintage paperback he bought in his twenties because of...
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"A beautifully paced, original novel which moves so fast that once you start reading, it becomes impossible to stop. As swift as Never Mind Nirvana is, it also has a gravity and an underlying sadness that's not a put-on—it feels real. Mark Lindquist's simplicity, humanity, and humor are on full display."
—Bret Easton Ellis

"Never Mind Nirvana is the first novel I've read that makes music as important as food, clothing, romance—a fresh twist millions will be able to identify with—and the music of Lindquist's language is a perfect match for the subject. I think he's the writer to watch in the new millennium."
—Tama Janowitz

"Never Mind Nirvana is the perfect book for any guy who has to think about what bands are coming to town before planning a date, for any woman who wants to have her suspicions confirmed about how lonely and strange guys can be, and for everyone who has ever wondered who's better, Nirvana or Pearl Jam. Lindquist's best yet."
—Peter Farrelly