Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
By the winner of the Saskatchewan Book Award for Best Book of the Year

To his virtuoso collection of new poems, Tim Lilburn brings a philosopher’s mind and the eyes and ears of a marsh hawk. This series of earthy meditations makes the strange familiar and the familiar strange. Lilburn’s close study of goldenrod, an ice sheet, or night opens into surprising interior and subterranean worlds. Pythagoras lurks within the poplars, Socrates in stones, people fly below the ground. Elsewhere, the human presence of motels and beer parlours is ominous. Kill-site is an exploration of a human’s animal nature. Lilburn invites the reader to: “Go below the small things… then / walk inside them and you have their kindness.” Though a natural progression from Lilburn’s last book, To the River, in Kill-site, the poet moves toward a greater understanding of the human, of sacrifice.



I meet Louise, and I’ve got the Platform Sutra
of the Sixth Patriarch in the bag the Taoist nun at Xining told me
would always feed me luck, the one with the yellow-green bird
streaming from mere being.
On the lefthand side of Hui Neng’s book, old characters like the lost...
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"The uniqueness of [Kill-site] rests in its eerily mystical descriptions of the natural world.…Rhapsodic.…Lilburn's insights [are] fresh and arresting."
Quill & Quire

“Lilburn’s contemplative language has a resonant beauty.”
–Montreal Gazette