The Best of Men

Publisher: Emblem Editions
A fast-paced, rousing ride through treason, prophecy, and passion in 17th-century England: a must for lovers of historical novels that sweep from the bedroom to the battlefield and the royal court.

 It is 1642, and Laurence Beaumont has returned to England after six years in the European Wars; he has seen and done things he can't bear to remember, and he no longer has faith in God, or much in humankind itself.
When clashes between King Charles I and his mutinous Parliament throw England into a civil war, Beaumont is reluctantly drawn back into a world of intrigue when he discovers coded letters outlining a plot to assassinate the king. Soon powerful conspirators are in hot pursuit, and Laurence must find proof of their identities before they overtake him. The seductive Isabella Savage wants to help, but she may only lead him deeper into the conspiracy.

Intricately plotted, bawdy, and full of vivid character and detail, The Best of Men is thoroughly satisfying, and only the beginning of the adventures of Laurence Beaumont.


Cadiz, Spain, July 1642

At a sharp bend on the road to Cadiz, Laurence heard a strangled cry pierce the air, as of a man being choked.

“God damn,” he muttered, reining in his horse. If there was trouble up ahead, he could not circumvent it. To his left, sheer cliff descended to the sea...
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“Exciting, heady stuff [with a] fast-paced, wild plot [and a] swarthy, wonderfully attractive main character. If you want to discover how spies operated… or visit a bawdy house or drink in a tavern, or fight a duel — [this is] the book for you…. The plot will ensnare you.”
The Globe and Mail

“A riveting historical thriller…. Like George Macdonald Fraser's 19th-century hero Harry Flashman, Beaumont is the archetypical bad boy, envied by men and irresistible to women…. Give Beaumont an automatic revolver in place of his single-shot flintlock pistol, or a fast car to replace his worthy steed, and Beaumont emerges as a Jason Bourne and James Bond hybrid…. Intriguing and fast-paced.”
Winnipeg Free Press

From the Hardcover edition.