I Wanna Be Loved by You
Heather Hiestand
The Girl He Wants
Kristi Rose
The Wedding Clause
Alexandra Ivy
Guarding Mr. Fine
HelenKay Dimon
Her Leading Man
Maggie Dallen
Love Story
Lauren Layne
Gold Rush Bride
Shirley Kennedy
Take Me Harder
Jackie Ashenden
Dare to Lie
Jen McLaughlin
Love and Gravity
A Novel
Samantha Sotto
All Our Wrong Todays
A Novel
Elan Mastai
From London with Love
Rebellious Brides
Diana Quincy
Holding on Tighter
Shayla Black
Marked In Flesh
A Novel of the Others
Anne Bishop
First Comes Desire
Tina Donahue
Make Me
Beth Kery
Healing A Heart
Amy Lillard
Heather Grothaus
A Novel
Sarah Jio
Every Dark Corner
Karen Rose
The Ghoul Vendetta
Lisa Shearin
Jen Colly
Ava's Place
Emily Beck Cogburn
Some Kind of Magic
Mary Ann Marlowe
Two Suitors for Anna
Molly Jebber
Schooling the Viscount
Maggie Robinson
Stealing Home
Tom Mendicino
Princess of Fire
Heather Graham
Jacked Up
Birmingham Rebels
Samantha Kane
Joanna Shupe
Strawberry Wine
Darly Jamison
Murder Go Round
Carol J. Perry
Justice Ascending
Rebecca Zanetti
Lit Fuse
Caisey Quinn
Into the Firestorm
Kat Martin
To Tame a Wild Lady
A Duke-Defying Daughters Novel
Ashlyn Macnamara
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